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To all Owners and Tenants at Villages of Grovers:

The Board of Directors has been doing research over the last 60 days.  We asked for community input and we've been consulting professionals.  The following is what we have learned.  These are NOT new rules.  The new rules will be based on all this discovery.  We hope to have a draft ready by our June meeting. 

Thank you to all who responded to the survey and attended the May meeting!

 Your Villages at Grovers Board of Directors


Results of Parking Survey and Parking Research

Vehicle Parking within Villages at Grovers has been a sore spot for many years.  Previous Boards of Directors have tried to manage the situation by fines and towing of vehicles.  Still, the problems persist, including:

1. Residents parking in guest parking on a daily basis instead of inside their garage.

2. Residents struggling to find parking on 17th Place and police officers who complain we are not being fair to the townhomes on 17th Place.

3. Inconsistent towing and violation notices that end up appearing to be discriminatory.

4. Lack of clear communication of how to obtain guest parking passes and expectations.

5. Hard feelings all around–either because people aren’t following the rules or because people are feeling targeted

6. Inability to get up-to-date information about vehicles within the community–both those owned by residents and those of visitors.  This makes it virtually impossible to hold residents accountable for their violations without posting notes on cars, which is in violation of our published rules and regulations.

7. Safety concerns about walking from 17th Place into the Community after dark.     


The current Board of Directors decided to seek input from the Community as well as the City of Phoenix and architects who work with City codes.  The revised rules for Parking will be based on all that research.  The following is what we have learned:

1.       1 out of 10 residents has a guest at least 2 times per month.

2.       Of those guests, 1 or 2 spend the night.

3.      1 in 10 residents has a guest for up to a week 1 or 2 times per year.

4.      1 in 20 of our residents received either a warning, fine or had their car towed in the last few years.

5.      Of those who must park on 17th Place, outside the development, the biggest complaint is there are not enough spaces out there.

6.      About 20% of our residents have 1 car, 75% have two cars and 5% have 3 or more cars.

7.      Only 1 in 2 residents who own more than one car are able to park both their cars in their garages.  The reasons vary from lack of storage space to built in cabinets that they did not install, to the size of their vehicles.

8.      The City code for building a two car garage has changed since 1997, when our homes were built.  Our garages are 17.0 feet wide  and have 17.5 feet of clear space from the garage door to the step.  If our homes were built today, they would have to be a minimum of 19 feet wide and 19.5 feet long before the step.  City codes have changed as cars have changed.

9.      In 1997, sedans were averaging 15.3 feet long.  Sedans are averaging 16 feet long in 2021.  SUVs and single cabin trucks are running 17.5.  Extended cabin trucks can be more than 20 feet long.

10.  More significantly, vehicle widths have increased.  In 1997, sedans were averaging 69 inches wide.  Today, vehicles are averaging 81 inches wide.  Leaving space to open doors only part way (18 inches on either side + 18 inches between vehicles), a garage needs to be a minimum of 18 feet wide to accommodate two sedans.  Our garages are 17 feet wide, which means zero storage and 12 inches to open the door and try to get out on the sides (hope you are super skinny!). 

11.  The City of Phoenix zoning ordinance for parking requires that every residence of 3 bedrooms and 2 baths must have 2 parking spaces provided.  The builders of our community gave every home—no matter how many bedrooms--two parking spaces in the form of a garage.   There is also a code for Handicapped Parking.  THERE IS NO CODE FOR REQUIRED VISITOR PARKING.  This has been verified by the City and by an architect who works with parking codes on a regular basis. (Section 702.C)

12.  Trucks with trailer hitches backing into our visitor parking have put holes in the block wall (where there is a wall) and they completely block the sidewalk in all other places (this may violate ADA if blocked).

13.  At 20 feet wide, our streets are DEFINITELY fire lanes according to the City of Phoenix Fire Codes and there can be no parking in a fire lane.  The streets would have to be 28 feet wide to allow parking on one side according to the code. (Fire Code of Arizona 503.2)

14.  For the last 90 days, without rigorous enforcement of parking rules, there have been an average of 15 parking spaces empty throughout the community between 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.  Occupied spaces have been both visitors and residents.

15.  Our CC&Rs require that all VISITOR parking be reserved for visitors. It does not indicate how many visitor parking spaces we must have. (Article 4.11)

16.  Our CC&Rs are very clear that Recreational Vehicles are not allowed.  Hence, any vehicle that is used for recreational purposes (campers, conversion vans, boats, buses, trailers, etc.) may not be parked in the community.  (Article 4.11)

17.  Our CC&Rs allow visitor parking for a maximum of 7  calendar days in any month.   Our current Rules and Regulations state a parking permit may be obtained for 30 days.  This is in direct conflict with our CC&Rs.  In order to extend that number, we must vote as a community to change the CC&Rs.  (Article 4.11)

18.  Our CC&Rs are very clear that there is NO parking in shared driveways except for very brief periods of time and that towing may ensue without notice upon violation. (Article 4.11)

19.  Our CC&Rs are very clear that OWNERS must park any vehicle within their garage. It does not stipulate tenants.  In order to change this, we must vote as a community to change the CC&Rs.  (Article 4.11)

20.  Our CC&Rs allow for towing. (Article 4.11) and our signage is adequate notice to tow according to the City of Phoenix.  However, our Rules and Regulations explain a very different process of notifying people of violations.  We must follow our rules or be accused of discrimination.

21.  The CC&Rs allow Common Element easements (access) to driveways to repair or replace things such as HVAC, roofs, plumbing, gas, etc.  There are times when the repair people must be on the driveways to perform repairs.  (Article 3.7)

22.  Apartment and Condominium complexes charge between $100 and $200 for reserved parking spaces.